Roots Mercantile was founded with a passion for fine wood Working, custom carpentry, Unique furniture, and recycled Wood Art


Providing quality craftsmanship and carpentry services throughout Southern California, Roots Mercantile brings the most creative and thought provoking projects to life.  We utilize the finest people in the industry, from design and planning to construction and finishing, and our owner has over two decades of experience as a carpenter and creative thinker.

Whether you’re looking to complete a small renovation for your home, add some unique features and artwork to your restaurant, or tackle a much larger project, Roots Mercantile will work with you from concept to completion.

100% satisfaction guaranteed. 

Our creative digs are out in Santee, the Roots of San Diego.  We have a thousand square foot shop with just about everything we need to keep us designing and creating.  Stay tuned for our new venture at "Ray at Night" in North Park.

Every job is different. We’ll tailor our process to complement your ideal woodworking goals.


  • Project Evaluation – We will evaluate and discuss the needs of the project and design a scope of work.
  • Design and Planning – We will provide plans for completion and tailor a road map to your creative ideas.
  • Estimate – We will give you an estimate based on the scale, materials and man-hours it will take to complete the job.
  • Execution – Roots Mercantile will execute the construction of your project through viable phases, with consistent progress being made until you are perfectly satisfied.